First of a warning – The following article contains spoilers of “Mass Effect 2″ and “GTA V”.

I was intrigued by the great final decision the player has to make at the end of the GTA V storyline. As Franklin was harrased by different groups to kill Trevor or Michael, the player has to choose which one should die. So the designers have given you three options which is “A. Trevor”, “B. Michael”, “C. Deathwish”, where as the “Deathwish-Option”  would mean Franklin doesn’t kill anyone of them so everyone is hunting him to bring him down.

So I sat there with the controller in my hand and started to think about the situation GTAEndgameWrap01I got into. I’ve hung around with all of the three guys at this point for quite some time and somehow I got a special place in my heart for every single one of them. But the story dictates me: “One must go”. It was a very great moment for me, because I didn’t expect such a decision. So I picked my choice and it was Trevor, blame me, but the place in my heart for his attitude wasn’t as big as for the others. There was actually a lot to consider. In a nutshell, Michael is a family person with wife and kids and Franklin is young and somehow a good person. Trevor on the other hand is a psychomaniac who kills people because of some brain disfunctionalities in anger management. All these thoughts where going through my mind and I sat there in front of my TV and began to discuss the decision with my wife where we talked about the options and what to do. It was a bit like the Moment described in PATV’s Extra Credits S01E07, where James had such an experience with Mass Effects 2. He has to decide the outcome of the Geth Species. He could choose to reprogram the whole species and they didn’t know that they’ve been brainwashed or he could destroy them all, which means genocide. This is a huge decision the player has to make … and it is it limiting, because in real life there could be more options. I don’t know how exactly every player out there think about the Geth, they maybe an artificial Lifeform but they do have free will … so it is not like you are replacing an old Toaster.

But after all, the great moment I had was soon to be crumbled into total meaninglessnes.

The next day I told a colleague about the great experience I had, just to be enlightend by him that the last option, “C. Deathwish”, would end totally fine for everyone. None of your main Characters has to face the realm of permadeath. I was shocked, a total downer. The fact, that you have to choose from the options – “A. Main Character 01 Dies”, “B. Main Character 02 Dies”, “C. All Main Characters Live Happily Ever After” makes this decision absolutely trivial and I don’t know why the player has to decide there after all.

Another “could be great” moment …

October 16, 2013 About Games